Saturday, February 25, 2006

The beginning....

So here I am! I've been writing video games professionally for the last 6 years or so and at the same time have started to get interested in LISP, probably as result of the smug LISP weenies on

I've got started...I've read Practical Common Lisp online and bought a copy of ANSI Common Lisp. Of course the next big problem after that is choosing an implementation. Since I run Windows at home (it's just too convenient to have the same OS at work and at home) I'm not exactly spoiled for choice. I don't want to use a commercial implementation, so I'm playing around with CLISP, at least until the Windows port of SBCL becomes more stable. My rough guess (not based on anything concrete) is that CLISP have the same sort of performance as something like Ruby or Python. We'll see!

My first exercise was to get an accounting system for dealing with all the rent at my house written. Quite simple stuff really, but it got me familiar with writing, reading and editing LISP. At the same time I found myself playing a lot of multiplayer minesweeper under MSN messenger. I started thinking that it'd be quite cool to try and write a real-time (ie not turned based) version of this. So that's my current project, and this blog is going to try and track my progress.

Current status is a few ideas, and no visible working graphics library for clisp. That's my first task. I figured I'd try and get some bindings sorted out for Allegro. Why Allegro? Well, firstly I've used it before and secondly it was written by my mate and I think he'd find it quite cool to have lisp bindings for it!

So - I've gotta get Allegro built on my machine and then start hooking up functions for it. CFFI seems to be worth looking at for this.

Lets see how far I get before I get bored!


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